Monday, September 17, 2012

Worksite Wellness: Add Activity to Your Work Day

Stuck behind your desk all day? 
Tight time frames?
No time to exercise? Well, join the club!

As our workloads seem to increase day-by-day, busy life schedules and the pressure to cram in as much as we can into the day, we don’t seem to have time for physical activity.  Exercise gets pushed on the back burner for another day, except another day doesn’t seem to come. This lack of physical activity leads to stress, immobility, muscular degeneration and obesity causing poor health. Of course, this reminds us that our “health is our wealth”.

We all understand the importance of exercise.  We all follow a busy schedule, and it’s possible to keep ourselves active with exercise, even with such a busy life.

You might be asking yourself “Why is exercise so important?” Medical studies confirm that exercise or any regular physical activity reduces the risk of a heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer (especially breast cancer).  Exercise not only gives your immune system a boost to keep you healthier, it makes you feel happier, energetic and have clearer thinking.  Exercise also helps you stay fit, look younger and remain active.   Regular exercise helps reduce stress too!

Why are companies adding fitness to their corporate wellness programs?  Because we all know when you feel better, have more energy and think clearly, you are more productive at work.   What’s good for you is good for your company.  Your good health and dynamic appearance indicates that you’re energetic and industrious; and hence, this is what many companies are pursuing with corporate wellness programs.   Whether your company runs a workplace wellness program or not, you must take charge of your health by adding exercise and activity to your lifestyle.

Simple exercises can be done, even if you are in the office, work from home or at a factory.   Sometimes you will need a small space but don’t let this hold you back, right by your desk is just fine.  

To help you get started here is a 10 minute video you can do at your desk from, a desk workout with there own Coach Nicole!

Forward thinking companies are supporting fitness at work by assisting their employees to
incorporate exercise activities into their work day. Fitness during the work day should be the the expected instead of the exception.

To be fit is to be healthy. A strong body makes for a strong mind resulting in getting more done.

Your partner in health,

Cindy Cohen RN
Health Consultant

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