Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Slow Food is the New Fast Food - Menu Makeover

Each year C2 Your Health LLC conducts a cooking class for the American Heart Association Go Red for Women Michiana BetterU Makeover Challenge which will be held this year May 8th. The Challenge is a 12 week program guiding 12 women through the struggles and successes as a result of developing strategies that work to lasting healthy behavior change for themselves and their families. This year the BetterU Challenger hail from Elkhart General Hospital.

The goal of a cooking class is to demonstrate fast food does not only exist at the drive through window. I am not so sure fast food is really that fast.  Think about this for a minute. Be the time you decide where to go to pick up food, get in your car, drive to the restaurant, order, then be served and drive home 30 – 45 minutes has passed. In the same amount of time you could have enjoyed a relaxing home cooked healthy meal with your family. 

The Michiana BetterU Challengers learned how to fight fast food with slow food (home cooked natural) by participating in an interactive healthy cooking class. You may have heard of the Slow Food Movement designed to combat the thinking that fast food is the only choice. 

The Slow Food Movement, like the American HeartAssociation focuses on choosing healthier food options. There is confusion about what healthy food is and where it comes from. To add to the confusion is media messages telling us home cooking is it is more expensive, takes too much time and has the same level of nutrition as manufactured foods. This is simply is not true. 

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