Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Employers, Healthcare and the Bottom-Line

Thank you to Gloria Guy our guest blogger this month.

As an employer your healthcare costs are escalating and will continue to do so. Your choices, your budget and your time are limited; and as a consumer, you have concerns about quality, safety, compliance and efficiency. To address increasing costs and the drivers that fuel them, you must create and implement effective health and productivity programs. By doing so, you can improve your employee’s health and lower employee related expenses such as workers’ compensation, disability, absenteeism, and healthcare costs. Being proactive and empowering employees to be responsible for their own healthcare is one of the most essential strategies to controlling your bottom-line.
It works!

Employers, Healthcare and the Bottom-Line By Gloria Guy, MMA was submitted for publication in Prevention Benefits Healthy Employees Cost Less published in 2013 now on click here

Gloria Guy, BBM
Illinois Chamber of Commerce
Gloria Guy is the Vice President of the Business Services Division at the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and has served as Executive Director of the Chamber’s Statewide Drug-Free Illinois Workplace Program (DFIWP) that was funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services.  This was a highly successful, nationally recognized program whose mission was to promote awareness of substance abuse including prescription drug abuse and healthy lifestyles that translate in to improving an employer’s bottom line.  Guy graduated from the Institute for Organization Management at the University of Notre Dame, the University of Georgia, Athens and Colorado College, Colorado Springs, graduating from the U.S. Chamber Institute Program. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Illinois at Springfield. You may contact Gloria through and               

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