Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trumpcare: A new reality for U.S. healthcare & the workplace

Now that Donald Trump will soon be sworn into office as our next president, in the weeks and months ahead we can expect to learn more details about his proposed healthcare policies and how he plans to begin the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act.  

While most Americans are likely more familiar with his reality TV show than his proposed healthcare policies, and while his proposed policies are not as detailed as those that were listed on the Hillary Clinton campaign website, there’s more substance to Trumpcare than what was reflected in many of his short statements and one-liners in the debates. The policies that make up Trumpcare will require substantial changes to U.S. healthcare’s current legal and regulatory structure, and to U.S. tax law. 

Repeal of the ACA 

The first priority for Trump will be the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, this is not expected to happen overnight. The overhaul of the ACA, or the transition from the ACA to Trumpcare, however it is done, will clearly not be as simple as a reality TV show where Trump sits at a conference table, looks through each ACA rule and says “you’re fired.” Economists and lawmakers that have been deeply involved in U.S. healthcare policy have noted that repealing the ACA will be an extremely difficult task.  

Source: Trumpcare: A new reality for U.S. healthcare  

There are most likely hundreds if not thousands of opinions by now on what might happen to the ACA once the transition team for the new administration is established. No one really knows for sure what will happen, we may not know for sometime. What ever does happen will take time and surely is not an overnight happening. 

One thing is for sure, people are still sick, and going to get sicker. Smart companies will invest in their employees health. Experts agree those companies who don't will experience a disengaged workforce that will become as unstable as our economy. There's no way your company can afford this, no matter with Trumpcare has in store for us. 

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